Web Development for Small Businesses


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Small business web development – starter package

We offer very targeted services to our customers.  Most of the services we offer come in the form of a package, because we don’t want anyone to be surprised by unexpected expenses, especially our new clients.

So – when we say we can build you a website for $300, we aren’t lying…we aren’t even fibbing.  We really can build you a website for $300.  No surprises (unless HST surprises you…).

Our small business web development  starter package includes:

-Free domain name (ie- www.youneedbusiness.com) – $15.00 value
-Free email address (ie- yourname@youneedbusiness.com) – $4.95 per month X 12 months = $59.40 value
-Free hosting for 1 year (this will normally cost you $7 per month) X 12 months = $84.00 value
-Professionally written web copy (a professional writer charges at least 0.18 cents per word) X 200 words X 5 pages = $180.00 value
-Content Management System (this is so you can update your website on your own, much like using Microsoft Word)


…that’s already a $338.40 value and we haven’t even started building your website yet!


The difference between us and the web design companies with flashy websites, tons of staff and shiny boardroom tables is that we are two independent freelancers.  It’s just the two of us and our coffee pot.  We have a dedicated server and we buy domain names in bulk for a better price.

One of us is a communications professional and the other is a professional writer.  We’ve teamed up and can offer this amazing deal because we know that once small businesses have a web presence, they’re going to grow, and by helping them to grow, we are nurturing relationships with businesses that will be around for a long time.

If you’re located in Ottawa, or anywhere in Ontario and you’re ready for your small business to start getting more customers — Contact Us today and we’ll get you online within two weeks.


Here’s a sample of small business websites we’ve built in the past year.