Meet our client, Bob


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Meet our client, Bob…

Bob is a local guy who has worked as a plumber for awhile. Most of his business comes to him through friends and friends-of-friends, and while things have been okay, he knows he can do better. He’s ready to take things to the next level.

So, Bob calls us and says he’s looking for an investor for his plumbing business. We’re always up for a good chat, so we take Bob to Tim’s or Gaia Java (our favourite) or Starbuck’s, or Bridgehead or whatever his poison, and we ask him a few questions about where he sees his independent plumbing business headed.

Bob talks, we listen. We like his answers. He’s bright, committed, and passionate about what he does. He’s also fairly cool (just like us), but we don’t tell him that yet.

We go back to our office and talk it over. It’s agreed that yes, Bob the Plumber checks off all the boxes and yes, we think we can help him. We like his style, we identify with his vision, and we want to invest in his business.

So we call Bob back and we say, “Okay Bob, you’re cool. We’re in – let’s meet again.” A few days later we meet to discuss the finer details of the services we can invest and decide on what percentage of his business those services are worth. The details are put in a contract, we all sign, and we’re off to the races!  Understandably, Bob is anxious to get going. So we go into high gear…we have an investment to take care of!


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