Investment Strategy 101


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Our investment strategy is simple

(1)    We review all application forms, calls and emails that are sent our way.  We respond to all of them.  We shortlist candidates based on several critieria, including whether or not we believe we can help catapult your business to super-stardom!


(2)    We invite the shortlisted candidates to meet with us and chat over coffee. There’s no consultation fee and we even buy the coffee.  We’re based in Ottawa, Ontario, but we often travel to other parts of Ontario like Toronto and the GTA, the Ottawa Valley, London, Kitchener, etc..


(3)    We find out about what you want to do and how you want to do it. We’ll ask questions like “What kind of experience do you have?” and “What kind of work have you done before?”


(4)     We’ll talk to you about your vision and goals, your potential client base, what motivates you, and where you want your business to be in, say, three years from now.


Mostly though, we’ll just be incredibly supportive. We’ll tell you pretty quickly after our meeting whether or not we think we can a) help with your business idea and b) whether or not we are in a position to invest in your small business.


Want an example of how it works? Meet our client, Bob